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Shooters who wish to shoot in a Sand Creek Raiders Professionals match have the choice of shooting firearms as described in the SCR Professionals firearms list or shooting in the Open category using one or more non SCR Professionals firearms. 

All SCR Professionals firearms must appear as they would have in 1921 (10 foot rule).  Sights must be of a type designed before 1921.  Lowered and flared ejection ports or beveled magazine wells allowed on 1911 pistols only if factory original.  Standard ejection ports and magazine wells may not be modified. Period speed loading devices such as moon and stripper clips may also be used.  Semiautomatic firearms not equipped with a safety may not be used in this event.  Basic SASS rules will apply with the following exceptions:

Handgun rounds may not exceed 1300 fps and main match rifle rounds may not exceed 1600 fps. 

Costuming:  Professionals shooters are encouraged to develop a costume based in the turn of the century time frame.  While many people continued to wear traditional western clothing several changes were also being made in the accepted styles of dress in the west.  Military uniforms will be popular but many other types of clothing are also allowed.  In general the restrictive Victorian way of dressing was giving way to the more comfortable and relaxed Edwardian age.  You have a great deal to work with, everything from the  “Gay 90s” to the “Roaring 20s”.  Period hats may be made from any material available in 1921.

Movies that may be helpful in costuming or firearms choices include: They came to Cordura (1959), 55 Days in Peking (1963), The Professionals (1966), The Wild Bunch (1969), Duck you sucker (1971), Big Jake (1971), Joe Kidd (1972), The Wind and the Lion (1975), The Last hard men (1976), Tom Horn (1980), Sunset (1988), Old Gringo (1989), Legends of the fall (1994), Last man standing (1996), Starring Poncho Villa as himself (2003) and Blackstone (2011). 

Holsters and magazine pouches:  Western or Military leather or web gear (no black nylon) type holsters and magazine pouches are encouraged.  Many styles of holsters were in use by 1921.  Hunter type holsters as well as several western style semi auto holsters were also in use.  Magazine pouches were just that, pouches, some were open but most had flaps (no, you don’t need to have them closed, just remember you can’t pick up dropped ammo).  Snaps were common on leather gear by 1921   No modern IPSC, combat or police thumb break type holsters may be used.  No equipment made with screw type friction retention devices may be used.

 Handgun: Any double-action revolver (minimum 6 shot cylinder) or semi automatic pistol, chambered in .30 caliber (7.62 mm) or larger, designed before 1921.   Professionals shooters have the option of using two handguns or a single handgun, reloading it as necessary.  Revolvers may be reloaded with single rounds or moon clips.  Revolvers may only be shot using the double action mode.  Magazines may only be inserted at the loading table and must be removed at the unloading table.  Semi automatic handguns will be carried without magazines at all other times.

Shotgun:  Any shotgun of a type designed between 1892 and 1921.  Shotguns may be chambered for 20, 16, 12 or 10 gauge shells. 

Rifle:  Any rifle designed between 1892 and 1921, chambered in 25-20, 32WSL (Winchester Self Loading), 35WSL, 351WSL, 401WSL or any allowed pistol caliber.  This includes Professionals handguns designed to accept a stock before 1921, with the stock attached.  No firearm may be used as both a handgun and long gun in the same stage of fire. 

Rifles and Shotguns: Pump action, lever action and semi autos will be loaded at the loading table.  Long guns equipped with a safety (in 1921), may be loaded with a round in the chamber and the safety engaged.  Long guns not equipped with a safety may have the magazine loaded but may not have a chambered round (lever action rifles were not originally designed with a safety and therefore must be loaded in this manner.)  Double barrel shotguns were designed within this date range.  Doubles must be staged open and empty.  When the stage begins with the shotgun in hand the double shooter may begin loaded.  This type of shotgun will then be loaded only on the line.  Long guns may also be staged unloaded and then loaded on the clock with single rounds or with a period speed-loading device (i.e. stripper clip.)  Long guns must be fired dry and returned to the prop open and empty. 

Handguns: Will be loaded at the loading table.  Revolvers will be loaded with five rounds with the hammer down on an empty chamber.  Semi auto handguns may be loaded with more rounds than required to shoot the course of fire, i.e., the handgun may have a round chambered, the safety engaged, and five or more rounds in the magazine.  This will allow the shooter to fire the required number of rounds and still have a chambered round, allowing the safety to be engaged.  Safeties must be engaged anytime the shooter holsters the handgun.  In the event of a malfunction, the shooter may clear the malfunction, hand off or ground the firearm.  Any time the handgun is returned to the holster the action must be closed and the safety must be engaged. 

Movement:  Any time the shooter moves with any firearm your finger must be outside the trigger guard.  Firearms equipped with a safety must have the safety engaged when moving. Revolvers must have the hammer down on an empty chamber or expended round when moving.  Double barrel shotguns must have the actions open when moving.  All other long guns not equipped with a safety will have the action open or closed with the hammer down on an empty chamber or expended round.  

Categories:  Professionals shooters will be divided into categories based on the handgun(s) and shooting style used.  Separate Ladies categories will also be offered.

Dutch:  Shooters using double action revolver(s).

Pike:  Shooters using semi automatic pistol(s).

Last Man Standing (Dutch & Pike):  Shooters using one handgun in each hand, shot using the gunfighter shooting guidelines.  All holster styles allowed.

Duelist (Dutch & Pike): Hand gun(s) shot one handed without support.

Open: The open category was created for people with modified 1911’s or who wish to shoot a pre 1892 long gun in this event.  Single action revolvers are not to be used in this or any other Professionals category.  This is the only category that modified 1911 style handguns or pre 1892 rifles or Shotguns may be used.  Any shooter using one or more open category firearm (below) MUST shoot in this category.  Open may be shot in any shooting style and is not subject to any of the other SCR Professionals firearms restrictions outlined above.  Firearms allowed in this category include.

Rifle:  Any SASS main match rifle, no caliber restrictions.

Shotguns:  Any SASS main match shotgun, no gauge restrictions.


1911 style handguns with the following modifications:

·        Barrel length must be at least 5 inches. No barrel porting or compensators or other recoil reducing devices allowed.

·        Barrel with standard barrel bushing. No Bull barrels allowed.

·        Magazine wells may be beveled, but may not be oversized, extended or flared.

·        Adjustable or non adjustable dove-tail rear sights and blade type front sights are allowed.

·        Sights may not be optical or fiber optic. Colored inserts or dots are permitted.

·        Stainless steel is permitted.

·        Grips must be wood, plastic or other natural materials. No target style grips or thumb rests allowed.

·        Front and rear slide checkering or serrations allowed.

·        Extended beavertail grip safeties allowed.

·        Magazines must be standard length and cannot hold more than 8 rounds. No extended base pads on magazines.

·        Magazine release may be extended but not oversized.

·        Thumb safeties may be extended and be ambidextrous.

·        Slide release may be extended.

·        Full length recoil spring guide rod allowed.

·        Lowered and flared ejection port allowed.

·        Match trigger allowed.

·        Lanyard loop is optional.

·        Lightweight competition hammer allowed.
Checkered front strap and trigger guard allowed.

·        Flat or arched mainspring housing allowed.

·        Internal accurizing and action tuning is allowed.

Professionals side matches:

Long Range Rifle:  Semi automatic, bolt action and box magazine lever action rifles designed before 1921 and pump or lever action rifles designed between 1892 and 1921, chambered in a rifle caliber. 

Vest Pocket Pistol: Semi automatic pistols designed before 1921 with an overall length of less than 5 inches, chambered for .25 Caliber (6.35mm) or smaller rounds.  Jacketed ammo may be used in this match only as no steel targets will be used

Revised 01-12

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