'2017' Match Schedule

 January 22nd  Cabin Fever
 *** Cancelled due to range conditions *** 
 February 26th

 Cabin Fever
 Makeup Match

  (Weather Permitting - Watch Home 
 page for last minute change)
 March 26th  Monthly Match  Side Match - Pocket Pistol & Derringer
 April 30th  Monthly Match
Note: 5th Sunday
 Side Match - Pistol Caliber Pistol & Pistol
 Caliber Rifle
 May 7th  New Shooters
 Open to all levels of shooters!!!  For Info
 Contact Bill Hall - 303-366-8827 
 May 28th  *Monthly Match
(Fun Match)
 Side Match - Professionals Categories
 June 25th  Monthly Match  Side Match - Lever Action Rifle Caliber
 and Single Shot Rifle Caliber
 July 23rd  *Monthly Match
(Fun Match)
 Side Match - Professionals Categories
 August 27th  Monthly Match  Side Match - Pocket Pistol & Derringer
 September 24th  *Monthly Match
(Fun Match)
 Side Match - Professionals Categories
 Halloween 2-day
 Saturday - All Cowboy Side Matches
 Sunday - Main Match

      * We will also be shooting Professional Categories, Sand Creek Raider
       Categories and the Grand Army of the Frontier Categories for this
       Monthly match... Click on Link to the left entitled "Fun Match Xtra
       Categories" for a description of those categories....

8:00 A.M. - Registration begins:
8:45 A.M. - New Shooters Meeting:
9:00 A.M. - Shooters Meeting:
9:15 A.M. - Hostilities Begin.

For more info…. contact "Sweetwater Bill" at 303-366-8827 - BHS50140@msn.com


'2017' AZSA Match Schedule

First Precinct Shooting Schedule
(2nd Sundays)
(CRC in Byers)

Sunday April 8th

Sunday May 14th

Sunday June 11th

Sunday July 9th

Sunday August 13th

*** 2017 AZSA World Championship ***
*** September 1st-3rd ***


7:00 A.M. - Setup
9:00 A.M. - Sign Up
10:00 A.M. - Hostilities Begin

For more info…. contact "Steve 'The G-Man' Fowler" at
303-884-1714 - gmanfowler@gmail.com

Western Torpedoes 2017 Shooting Schedule
(William Jarvis Sport Shooting Complex
3681 G.7 Road, Whitewater, CO)

 April 29th (5th Saturday)

May 13th (2nd Saturday)

 July 29th (5th Saturday)

 August 12th (2nd Saturday)

September 30th (5th Saturday)

9:00 A.M. - Registration
10:00 A.M. - Begin Shooting

For more info…. contact Lars "The Swede" or Michelle "Queenie" at
970-216-5053 sixgunlouie@yahoo.com

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