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GAF (Grand ArMy of the frontier)

Grand Army of the Frontier categories require a Victorian (1860-1902) or Expansion Era (1903-1917) main battle rifle and a handgun(S) to match.  Unlike SASS, GAF categories are based on the rifle you are shooting, you will be expected to use a handgun(s) of the same era.  No shotgun is used in any of these GAF categories and none will be used in SCR matches, shotgun targets will not be engaged.  GAF shooters must wear something that approximates a military field uniform of the era appropriate to your firearms and from a country that issued those weapons.  Military uniforms only include one holster so shooters may use one handgun and reload it or two handguns and stage the second pistol.  Misses in GAF are 10 seconds and procedurals are 20 seconds.  Gas checks will be allowed on rifle bullets, other SCR bullet (lead or copper washed / no copper jacketed) and velocity (1400 fps maximum) restrictions continue to apply to GAF shooters.  We will ask that shooters, who are not members of the GAF, join GAF before shooting these categories.  It's free to join and we will have membership applications available at Raider matches.

GAF rules allow several categories but the Raiders will ONLY offer these Main Battle Rifle/Pistol categories:

   GRB - GAF Military Repeating Rifle/Pistol, Black powder
   GRS - GAF Military Repeating Rifle/Pistol, Smokeless
   GSB - GAF Military Single Shot Rifle/Pistol, Black powder
   GSS - GAF Military Single Shot Rifle/Pistol, Smokeless
   GEE - GAF Military Expansion Era Rifle/Pistol, Smokeless

                                                Link to full GAF Rules

                                        Link to GAF Expansion Era rules

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