Extra Categories used during our "Fun Matches" 

Professionals Categories:

 PD�Professionals Dutch / LPD�Ladies Professionals Dutch
(all guns 1892-1921 / double action revolver)

 PP�Professionals Pike / LPP�Ladies Professionals Pike
(all guns 1892-1921 / semi-auto pistol)

 LMSD�Professionals Last Man Standing Dutch /
 LWSD�Ladies Professionals Last Woman Standing Dutch
(all guns 1892-1921 / double action revolver / gunfighter style)

 LMSP�Professionals Last Man Standing Pike /
 LWSP�Ladies Professionals Last Woman Standing Pike
 (all guns 1892-1921 / semi-auto pistol / gunfighter style)

 PDD�Professionals Duelist Dutch / LPDD�Ladies Professionals Duelist Dutch
(all guns 1892-1921 / double action revolver / one hand)

 PDP�Professionals Duelist Pike / LPDP�Ladies Professionals Duelist Pike
(all guns 1892-1921 / semi-auto pistol / one hand)

PJWP�Professionals Josey Wales Pike

LPJWP�Ladies Professionals Josey Wales Pike

PJWD�Professionals Josey Wales Dutch

LPJWD�Ladies Professionals Josey Wales Dutch

Sand Creek Raider Categories:

 O�Outlaw / WO�Ladies Outlaw
(pistol & shotgun shot from the hip)

 JW � Josey Wales / WJW � Ladies Josey Wales
(4 pistols & shotgun. 2 pistols replace the �rifle.�)

 FCJW � Josey Wales / FCWJW � Ladies Josey Wales
(black powder 4 pistols & shotgun. 2 pistols replace the �rifle.� )

 Grand Army of the Frontier Categories:
(GAF Rules)

GAFB - GAF Military Rifle/Pistol, Black Powder
(Black powder may only be used in firearms designed before 1886)

GAFS - GAF Military Rifle/Pistol, Smokeless
(Firearms designed between 1886 -1901 and BP era guns shooting smokeless powder)

GAFE - GAF Military Expansion Era Rifle/Pistol
(Firearms designed between 1902 - 1917)

Professionals Side Matches:

 Long Range Rifle: Semi automatic, bolt action and box magazine lever action rifles designed before 1921 and pump or lever action rifles designed between 1892 and 1921, chambered in a rifle caliber. 


Vest Pocket Pistol:  Semi automatic pistols designed between 1892 and 1921 with an overall length of less than five inches chambered for 25 Caliber (6.35 mm) or smaller rounds.  Jacketed ammo may be used in this match only as no steel targets will be used.

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