The American Zoot Shooters Association is shooting at CRC!!!
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We are shooting the Grand Army of the Frontier Categories at our "Fun Matches"... Here's a link if you would like to learn more about The Grand Army of the Frontier 

You've heard about it, you've read about it, you may have even seen it on TV.  Now it's your turn to join the Sand Creek Raiders at our monthly gathering of notorious lawmen, shootists, and gun fighters.  In conjunction with, and under the rules laid down by the Single Action Shooting Society.  
You too can join us on the fourth Sunday of the month at the Colorado Rifle Club, North of Byers. That's where we will throw lead with the best of them, shooting cowboy scenarios derived from real or imagined Old West situations.
So hitch up the rig, grab the women folk and youngins, don't forget the shooting irons, and head on out for some of the most fun you can have with your boots on

   Bad News Pards!!!!

Due to some new Covid-19 Restrictions that would have eliminated some of our activities and a less than favorable weather prediction for the weekend we are regretfully cancelling the 2020 Halloween Match for this next weekend!!!

In the meantime between now and 2021 be safe... seek immediate attention if you develop symptoms and we'll see you in 2021!!!

Keep checking here to see in the event that we can schedule another match for this year... 


  CRC has opened for matches with coordination with Tri-County Health guidelines...

 We've now worked out the details, rules and guidelines with CRC... 

Please click on this link and read "the plan"...


Also watch this space for any late breaking changes... 



To Save Time during Match Registration....

Print Out.... Fill Out and Bring With You!!!

CRC General Waiver
Sand Creek Raider Waiver & Liability Release


Wanting to find a little more on
 Cowboy Action Shooting Basics?

Check out Diamondback Jacks
"What is it?"


September 27th 2020 Match Results have been posted!!

July 2019 AZSA Caper Results!!!

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